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Congratulations to Divinity Taylor, a recipient of our Miss Homecoming Scholarship! This scholarship under our KnotStar Academy equips high school seniors and HBCU students with resources such as living expenses, career readiness/workforce development and emotional well-being coaching with the school to college/career transition.

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The ServSafe®️ class was exactly how I needed it to be taught. I took my manager exam the very same day and passed! Ms Erica is patient and knowledgeable and goooood at how she teaches. The public school system should’ve kept her but I’m glad I got to sit in her class because now several school districts are MY clients for my catering business.

Tammie P.

Let me start by saying Jack loves your class!! It has been so fun to watch him cooking AND organizing the refrigerator!

Laura H.

I thought Rickey Smiley made this up for jokes a few summers ago but I see it’s a real thing! Ok I see you!

Jamie S.

Every parent can relate! Clearly this is more than a viral meme everyone shares. Nice way to make it work for our family!

Kris G.